Eternity Warrior CHALLENGES for YOU!

Staying healthy and mindful in today's day and age is well...challenging!!!

Overall, these easy-to-follow programs are BOTH effective & doable- so you can FINALLY get the results you've been searching for without the hassle of over-spending, or over-committing to overly-complicated programs and ploys on the market, and all over the internet today.

Once you try one "Eternity Warrior Challenge"- You'll be hooked!


Do You Suffer from Any of These?

Blood Sugar


High Blood


High Cholesterol

Digestive Distress/


Joint Pain

Anxiety & Hopelessness

Weight Loss/

Weight Gain

Skin Issue

If yes, then you'll LOVE Eternity Warrior's DIY Challenges!

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All "DIY Challenges" are created personally by Nicole Andrews, RD.

21-Day Prayer Challenge

Prayer and connection with God can deeply enrich our daily lives by offering a sense of peace and purpose. It allows us to find strength and guidance during challenging times, fostering a sense of resilience and hope. Additionally, this spiritual practice can cultivate a deeper sense of community and belonging, as shared faith experiences connect people on a profound level. Join me for this FREE, 21-Day Prayer Challenge today!

14-Day "DETOX" Challenge 

Do you feel the effects of eating poorly and ingesting processed or unhealthy foods? Nourish your body‘s OWN ability to DETOX with this easy-to-follow 14-day "DETOX" Challenge…Complete with supplements and a daily Medical-Food Shake to enhance your DETOX experience!

5-Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge

The 5-Day IFD Program is an easy to follow program designed to help your body achieve cellular health and a quick reset for the body and mind. Packed with powerful nutrients and daily mind-body techniques and reminders. The supplement kit in this program includes:

MCT Oil, Power Greens Premium Berry, and the Total Vegan Shake.

This combo kit offers many unique ingredients to support the immune system, the digestive system, body composition, bone health and detoxification for a quick reset in just 5-Days!

"Healthy Way" 6-Week Corporate Challenge

This program includes 6-weeks of DAILY action-plans to coach you back to healthy habits, moving your body, whole-foods-based eating and to overcome obstacles. This challenge will help you make the necessary changes needed to get your health & wellness tuned in and turned on...FOR GOOD!

30-Day Beach BOOTY Challenge

This 30-Day Beach Booty Challenge is a great challenge to incorporate for those that want: toned glutes, leaner thighs, better posture, stronger knees, reduced cellulite, sexy, rounded booty, and less lower back pain.

30-Day SEXY ABS Challenge

This 30-Day Sexy Abs Challenge is a great challenge to incorporate for those that want: a stronger core, a leaner waist, a stronger back, less back pain, better balance, improved posture and a sexy stomach!

Nicole is a Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist Practicing Functional Nutrition Therapy Since 2003

I entered this field 20 years ago to help every day people feel their best with proper lifestyle and dietary habits instead of dangerous medications. I have helped 1000s turn their health & wealth and lives around and offer hope to many-I can help you too!

Nicole is here to help you achieve the life you deserve! Nicole offers the most “up-to-date” information when it comes to the advances in Anti-Aging, Functional Health, Wellness and Nutrition.

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