Who is Nicole?

Nicole Helps People Achieve Peace of Mind with their Health & Wealth through Functional Wellness & Customized Income-Retention Strategies...

Education and Mission Statement

Nicole graduated from Florida International university And Studied Functional nutrition at the university of Miami’s Millers School of Medicine. Nicole holds multiple certifications: Psychology of Eating, Functional Nutrition, Certified Gluten Practitioner, Yoga Therapy & More.

However, over the past years, as a newly single mom of two, she became desperate to know more when it came to her livelihood as a new family. Throughout this search, she came across a type of investment/ income retention planning that appeared "too good to be true". The best part? It WAS TRUE & as a helper and healer on this planet- She dove headfirst into the industry, and learned about how to help others in this same powerful way.

Did you know that your MOST IMPORTANT ASSET IS YOU?

After all, what is wealth without health, and what is health without wealth?

Nicole is here to help you achieve the life you deserve! She offers the most “up-to-date” information when it comes to the advances in Functional health, Nutrition, and Income Retention.

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Nicole has helped thousands of clients feel and look better.
How do they feel? Check out what just a small fraction of people are saying...

"Nicole helped me to learn how to balance not only my diet, but also my life! I don’t crave sweets like I used to nor do I have the urge to hit the nearest vending machine in the middle of the afternoon."


-Tim O.

"Thanks to Nicole’s help, I am able to manage my IBS! No more stomach discomfort and sudden races to the bathroom. By adhering to her diet & lifestyle changes, I feel like a new person." Excited to keep going!
-Terri M.

I am truly blessed to have come across Nicole’s practice. I lost 75 pounds, am no longer on my diabetic or blood pressure medications and I feel fantastic! Her sweet delivery makes the impossible, possible!

-Mike W.

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