THE "HEALTHY WAY" | 6-Week Group Program

"Healthy Way" To Weight Loss...And More!"

6-Week Guided Challenge For Groups/Corporate

Top functional nutritionist Angers "Diet" Industry With a Proven 42-Day Program that produces incredible results, without Restrictive Dieting Or Counting Calories/Points/Macros


Why Start A Group/Corporate Challenge?

Starting The "Healthy Way" 6-week Challenge at your place of work, or with your own personal group, has many benefits:

  • Lowered Health Care Costs

  • Increased Employee Engagement

  • Lower Absenteeism

  • Improved Productivity

  • Better Retention & Recruitment

  • Reduced Workers' Comp & Disability Costs

THE Wellness Professional You Have Been Searching For!

I had a choice when I began my career - try to help people with traditional medicine which required powerful drugs (which, I had my concerns), or learn how to help people with the most natural and healthy methods. Obviously, I chose the second option, and since making that vital decision, have helped thousands of clients throughout my 20 years of practice. Since my recent diagnosis of Trigeminal Neuralgia, and hence, inability to talk as much, I decided to take my experience & knowledge to the world-wide web and make my services more affordable and available to ANY & ALL interested!

Welcome to our "Signature Program", the incredible, "Healthy Way" Challenge- A 6-week TRANSFORMATION!!!

I'm so excited to have you HERE!!!

Everything that you need for success!

It took Nicole 20 years in private practice to find the perfect combination of elements to bring you the best health results all wrapped into a complete 6-week Challenge. They are ALL included in this amazing 6-week "Healthy Way" Challenge.


Recipes, Daily Must Do's, Meal Examples, Foods To Eat and more, Alkaline-Eating, Staying Regular and many more!


The #1 Reason why this works! Track Meals and More!

Expands accountability as your coach sees real time results/progress 
Guesswork be gone! Get SMS/Text remiders EVERY DAY to keep you on track
Community support - another layer of support to keep you on track


Everything your body needs on a daily basis to assist in lowering inflammation and balancing your body & mind.

It’s Time to STOP the Fad Diets & That Do More Harm Than Good.

You’ll be the first to admit it—you’re a tad overdue for a lifestyle reset.

You’ve sacrificed a healthy lifestyle in favor of advancing your career, growing a business, or raising a family … And it’s starting to show.

When you were 20, your lack of a nutritional routine wasn’t such a big deal. You’d eat whatever you wanted, maybe gain a pound or two, then hit the treadmill and poof! 5 pounds, gone.

But as time goes on, your body feels less and less like your own. You ...

Would love to lose weight, but you’re WAY past believing in magic pills, crash diets, and silver bullets. You’re not sure who to trust for nutrition advice, but you know that what you’re doing isn’t working.

…Struggle with chronic bloat, inflammation, and digestive discomfort.

...Have gotten used to feeling generally icky a lot of the time, but that doesn’t mean you’re okay with it.

…It’s not that you haven’t tried to keep up with your nutrition over the years.

On the contrary, you’ve tried just about every “solution” out there!

From counting calories, to calculating points, to cutting carbs,

you’ve been there, done that, and got the t-shirt to prove it...

… But you’ve never actually found a nutrition program that got you the sustainable, permanent results you’re looking for.


Restrictive diets only cause you to crash, burn, and binge.

Many programs are designed to bring high amounts of weight

loss, while sacrificing sustainability, and the actual health of our internal systems.

Let us stop you right there—we know you’re probably beating yourself up, but this is NOT your fault!


The truth is, most people aren’t taught how to eat healthy, or balance their health goals with their busy lives.

IN FACT, a lot of what our society teaches us runs completely counter to what’s actually GOOD for us!

… But it’s never too late to learn a better way,

RESET your internal systems, & TRANSFORM your body ...

What if you could …

  • Have more ENERGY to spend hanging out with your family, pursuing your passions, or living a more active lifestyle?
  • Spend an afternoon on your feet without experiencing JOINT PAIN (or having to take meds)?
  • Know exactly WHAT TO EAT to meet your health goals—and create a healthy meal prep routine that works for your busy lifestyle?
  • ​RESET your metabolism & BURN FAT effortlessly, even when you aren’t working out?
  • ​Get rid of the “normal” chronic HEALTH ISSUES that plague you, like Headaches Allergies Anxiety Digestive Discomfort
  • TRANSFORM your body … in JUST 6 weeks??


The Healthy Way To Weight Loss 6-week TRANSFORMATION Challenge Will Help You...

Feel Better
Say goodbye to those feelings of sluggishness, fatigue, and weariness! You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll start to feel like your best, brightest, most alert YOU once you’ve started supplying your body with the nutrients it naturally craves.
Look Better
When was the last time you looked in the mirror and thought, “Hey—I look amazing!”? This transformative 6-week program can help you burn fat, and create a figure you’ll feel proud to show off. The time to repair your relationship with your body is NOW!

Live Better

Common health issues like daily fatigue, stomach issues, hormonal imbalances, elevated liver enzymes, mood swings, headaches, and anxiety are NOT normal! This program will literally help your body FEEL & FUNCTION better!

Do You Want to Live Your Life to it's FULLEST?!

It starts with creating TINY HABITS, Accountability, and YOU!

Includes Everything You Need to Succeed!

Check Out What's Included...

"YES" Foodlist & E-Guides Throughout the Program


"YES" Foods List & E-Guides

Simple Meal Ideas

Easy Recipes

Snack List

Vital information you need to achieve your health goals! Supplements, food list, healthy meal ideas, and MUCH more! These guides will be your best friends over the next six weeks!

Accountability APP


When it comes to your success, Accountability is your secret weapon! It is one of the most crucial components for sticking to the plan. How do we keep you accountable? Through a dedicated Coaching App, SMS Texts/Emails and a Facebook Group. Here is what you can expect and has been proven to work:
  • Text & Email Reminders With Your Daily Action Plans

  • ​Weekly Weigh-Ins / Before & After Measurements

  • ​Easy Tracking of Meals with Pictures & Simple Rating System

  • ​Heart Rate & Activity Tracking On App

  • ​Regular Progress Videos Sent Personally by Your Coach

  • ​Community Support via The Private Facebook Group

Personal Accountability Coach


The job of your personal accountability coach is to monitor how you are doing and motivate you throughout the 6-weeks. The more data they have, the better! In order to give them the greatest window into your effort and progress, you will receive a HR monitor and Smart Scale that connect seamlessly with our accountability APP. If it's not easy, your won't do it. That's why THIS IS EASY!

Daily ACTION Plan via Text & Email

We know through experience that Warriors are busy! You need a top quality system to send reminders and keep you ON TRACK. THAT's why The "Healthy Way" 6-Week Challenge provides reminders and daily action plans via SMS/TEXT & Email!

Private Facebook Group


Let's face it, Facebook has made it super easy to stay connected with a group! While we'd love to build something from scratch, facebook has it dialed in. So every Warrior in The "Healthy Way" 6-week Challenge will have access to the Private Facebook Group to compare notes, share stories, share experiences, or ask questions. The bottom line is that for every day of the challenge you will be supported.

Daily Supplementation Packets

Did you know there are 5 main nutrients we absolutely MUST supplement with DAILY, in today’s day and age? Most people fall short in these 5 nutrients- Which is why this "PACKS" the most powerful punch, when it comes to daily supplementation! All conveniently packed into a single sachet for your day-to-day needs!


-MonoPure 650 EC


-D3 2000


An All-in-One Packet to your daily needs & Bridge the gap, when it comes to giving your body the right nutrients! People RAVE about how good they feel after being on these powerful little packets! 

6 Weeks From Now You Will Wish that you had taken this step.
Join the warriors before you who have felt the best that they have ever felt- ever! If you never take a first step - nothing will ever change. The road map is here and it is clear! Grab it and join us!
Change Your Body, Change Your Health,

Change Your Life … In Just 6 Weeks!

Why This Program Is Different

(Hint: It works!)

Did you know that 90% of the toxins in our body got there through food we ate?!
Most weight loss and body transformation programs are so obsessed with counting every little calorie and macro that passes your lips, that they completely overlook the root cause of many people’s health issues: toxins.

A body overburdened with toxins rarely functions at its maximum ability. Instead, these toxins slow us down and cause chronic issues like ...

...and those are just a few of the most common symptoms!
Coupled with the fact that our modern lifestyle is screen-heavier and faster-paced than ever before, and it’s easy to see why simply eating a salad and doing some crunches isn’t enough to get most people the lasting wellness results they want.

The Eternity Warrior 6-Week Transformation Program is different from any other program you’ve tried because it focuses on HEALING & REBUILDING instead of RESTRICTION.

Join us and discover the transformation power of living
a holistically healthy lifestyle!

The result is a 6-week full body reset that can help you lose weight, improve your health, increase your strength, and boost your energy—even if you’ve tried before and missed the mark.

Whether your goal is weight loss, increased muscle mass, improved nutrition, rebalancing your hormones, eliminating bloat, managing a chronic health issue, or something entirely unique, Blake and Nicole are ECSTATIC for the opportunity to provide you with the daily support you need to succeed.

“We look forward to supporting you in your 6-week lifestyle transformation. See you in the program group! We’ll be cheering for your success every step of the way,”


Don’t miss your chance to hit the RESET button, TRANSFORM your body, & CHANGE your life!



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